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Barkmerica Needs You!
Join Barkmerica Defense Forces



Are you a proud animal family member or a human pawrent who cares deeply about the welfare of animals? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of all furkids and their human caregivers? Join the Barkmerica Defense Forces and be a part of a pawlitical movement that promotes equality, compassion, and respect for all living beings.


As a member of the Barkmerica Defense Forces, you will have the opportunity to work in one of the following branches:

  • Barkmerica Secret Service (BSS)

  • Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA)

  • Reptilian Response Unit (RRU)

  • Aviary Force (AF)

  • Nautical Animal Volunteer Installation (NAVI) 

  • Barkmerica Defense Forces (BDF)

  • Cyber Security Unit (CSU)

  • German Shepherd Security Forces (GSSF)

In these branches, you will be trained to protect the rights of animal family members and their pawrents, and to enforce laws and regulations that promote animal welfare and safety. You will work alongside other passionate animal lovers who share your commitment to creating a better future for all living beings.

Joining the Barkmerica Defense Forces also means being a part of the pawlitical movement led by Presidential candidate Lucifer Morningstar Fuchs and Vice President candidate Lilith Morningstar Fuchs. Their pawgressive platform focuses on promoting the rights and welfare of animal family members, and you will be playing a crucial role in making this vision a reality.


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