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As a female German Shepherd, Vice President and First Lady of Barkmerica, Lilith Morningstar Fuchs is committed to promoting girl puppy power and female canine empowerment. Her platform focuses on pawlicies that address the unique needs and challenges faced by female animal family members and their human pawrents. Lilith believes that empowering female canines is essential to creating a more inclusive, compassionate, and respectful society.

Equal Opportunities for Female Canines: Lilith believes that all female canines should have equal opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential. She will work to eliminate gender discrimination in the animal world, including in breeding practices, competition, and working roles.

Canine Gender Equality for Working Canines: Lilith recognizes the discrimination faced by female service dogs in police departments and in the military and is committed to promoting gender equality. Lilith believes that female canines are just as strong, smart, fast and capable as male canines and will not stand for discrimination and gender inequality. She will work tirelessly to promote female canine empowerment and eliminate gender discrimination in all aspects of the animal world.


Affordable and Accessible Reproductive Healthcare: Lilith understands the importance of reproductive healthcare for female canines and their families. She will work to pass legislation that promotes affordability and accessibility in reproductive healthcare, including canine vasectomy and tubal ligation as healthier and more humane alternatives to traditional spaying and neutering.


Canine vasectomy and tubal ligation are safe, effective, and reversible procedures that can prevent unwanted pregnancies without removing the animal's reproductive organs. These procedures eliminate the risks associated with traditional spaying and neutering, including increased risk of obesity, joint problems, and certain types of cancer. They also preserve the animal's natural hormone balance, promoting better physical and mental health. By supporting these procedures, Lilith aims to create a more compassionate and respectful environment for animal family members and their human pawrents, ensuring that their unique needs and preferences are respected and honored.




Promoting Female Canine Health and Wellness: Lilith will invest in research and programs that promote female canine health and wellness, including preventative care, nutrition, and exercise.


Lilith Morningstar Fuchs recognizes the importance of responsible breeding practices in promoting the health and well-being of animal family members. As part of her platform, Lilith will work to pass legislation that stops unqualified humans from breeding for profits, which often results in the mistreatment, abuse, and abandonment of canines. Instead, she will push for laws that promote responsible breeding practices and ensure that humans understand their responsibility to these fur kids.

To achieve this, Lilith will work to pass legislation that requires humans to take classes and pass a test about responsible breeding practices before they are allowed to breed puppies. These classes will provide humans with the necessary education and skills to ensure that they are capable of caring for and raising healthy, well-adjusted puppies if they are unable to find proper, safe and loving homes for them. Additionally, Lilith will push for laws that require humans to obtain a license that demonstrates their understanding of their responsibility to the animals they breed and their commitment to promoting their safety, health and well-being.

By promoting responsible breeding practices, Lilith aims to reduce the number of homeless and abused canines and create a more compassionate and respectful environment for animal family members. She believes that humans have a responsibility to the animals they breed and must ensure that they are capable of providing them with the care and support they need to thrive. Lilith's platform reflects her commitment to promoting responsible breeding practices and ensuring that all animal family members are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

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