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Best Friends

Join Hands with Barkmerica & Support Animals in Need


Our goal is simple: to extend a helping paw to animals requiring medical attention and nutritious food. Every sale, and every donation, helps us move closer to a world where no animal suffers from lack of care. 

At Barkmerica, our hearts beat for the wellbeing of animals. We're dedicated to providing crucial support to our furry friends in need, ensuring they receive the care and love they deserve.

Petting a Dog


Medical Assistance

We believe that every animal deserves a chance at a healthy life. Barkmerica funds medical treatments, surgeries, and ongoing healthcare for animals in distress. From injured strays to pets in low-income families, we're there to help. Success Stories: Meet Max, a lively spaniel who found a new lease on life thanks to our funded surgery.

Food and Nourishment

A hungry animal is a heart-wrenching sight. Barkmerica's food assistance program provides nutritious meals to animals in shelters and struggling homes. Impact Tales: Discover how our food drives have transformed the lives of countless animals, ensuring they never go to bed hungry.


Every product you buy, every dollar you donate, goes directly towards medical and food aid for animals. We pledge full transparency in fund allocation because we value your trust as much as your support.

Make a difference today!

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